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About the app

I cannot add other players to my game

This can have three reasons: 1) the player you want to add did not register yet → please tell him/her to do so 2) the player did not put your name on his friend list yet→ please tell him/her to do so in the settings tab (only people you have on your friend list can add you to their games) 3) the player you want to add has an unfinished (other) game → he/she need to finish/delete this to be able to participate in a new one

How are the statistics calculated?

You can tap on the tiles with the value and they will flip, revealing their secret.

How is my rank calculated?

The calculation for your rank is based on an ELO system. The app first sums up the ranks of the two players in each team and then compares these values to each other. The higher the difference between these two sums, the higher the stakes for this game. The winning players gain as much ELO points as the defeated players lose.

I just finished a game, but neighter my rank nor my stats have changed. Why?

Only finished games with four registered players count for your rank and your stats. As soon as a game includes one or several guests, the game is not taken into account.

Why are my statistics not ranked?

To get fairly reliable values, we do not rank your statistics until you have played 100 rounds (equals approximately 10 games). However, your rate of successful Tichus will always remain unranked, because we do not want to reward players for only calling with outstanding hands.

One of my stats changed colour, is that normal?

Congratulations, this means you occupy a podium position in this stat at the moment! Tiles turn gold if you are within the top 5%, silver for top 10% and bronze for everybody with a top 20% value. Make sure you do not lose it!

Can we continue the game if the battery of my phone is dead?

Yes you can. Simply beg one of the other players to log in into his/her account or use a different phone with your personal login. All players have access to the games they are playing in.

I got a game in my history which I did not play

That is unfortunate, you might consider revising your friend list :-) Please swipe left in the history (first tab) to request a deletion. We will then contact you via email.

My statistics are not showing the correct value

If you have reason to believe that your statistics show an incorrect value, please contact [email protected] with a short explanation and your username, we are happy to look into it.

About us

Who is behind Tichu Stats?

Tichu Stats was an idea of Christian Maurer, design and app were done by Timo Hegnauer and valuable input regarding design and features was given by Samuel Kernwein.

How do you make money?

We don’t. At the moment we lose money as we have to pay for our IT infrastructure. In the future we will try to cover this via donations at bigger tournaments. If you want to contribute directly, please write to [email protected].

What is happening with my personal data?

Not much, to be honest. We only have your email address and we only use this to send you necessary emails (e.g. password reset). In the future we also may have some kind of newsletter. We will not pass your email to any third party.

Is this app connected to the publisher of Tichu?

No, we are independent but have the permission to use the Tichu pictures and name.


I have a splendid idea for the app

Please contact [email protected]. We are always happy to receive ideas and feedback. Please keep in mind: The app is developed by one person completely in his free time, so things can take a bit longer.

Can you also translate this app to…?

You are a Greek Tichu professional, a Chinese card game veteran or speak another language fluently? We are happy to include other languages in our app! If you want to contribute, please contact [email protected].